You have this dream to do more than just sell, you want a space that attracts people who believe in what your creating. Giving your business a new space is exciting but giving a space that gives people a reason to engage with their community, that’s what it’s all about.



PLACES studio was created to bring ideas to life in the built environment through interior architecture and design. The concept of place-making in one of multi-facets where all senses are considered. A PLACE is one that is more than a location, more than walls; it's unique and built purposefully for its occupants.


Much like a brand is more than a logo, a PLACE is more than the spacial design. Our ultimate goal is to help you create a unique PLACE that tells a story, heightens experience, and creates community day in and day out, long after the dust of construction has settled.




Project Start-Up

During our initial consultation, we will have a transparent discussion about the goals and desires for your project. We will talk through your budget, timeline and space requirements so we can set up our project for success. We will review the contraction, retainer requirements and our signature process to get your project started.


Design Phase

Field Measuring
We’re ready to get started! We will be scheduled to field measured your space against any blueprints or plans (physical or digital) that you may have. If none are available, we will survey the space to create our own base plans for purposes of the project.

We will then be ready to do what we do best and design based on our discussion in the consultation. Once we’re ready to present you with our ideas and direction for the space, we will set up a presentation meeting. Thereafter, we will fine-tune the details until the design is fully approved to move forward.

Drawings for Construction
We get to work making the design space come to life. This is the most tedious part of the process where all the design ideas and selections are documented to be used for construction. Drawings are also needed for pricing and any permits that may be needed. The designer will make any necessary consultations on your behalf with architects, engineers, trade contractors or specialists as needed during this phase.


Pricing + Construction Phase

On your behalf, we will seek out contractors to price the work needed to complete the project. We assist in vetting qualified contractors who have the necessary insurance and licenses to perform your project. If multiple bids are needed, we will assist with comparing groups and pricing to ultimately help you select a contractor to complete the needed work. Thereafter, you will hire the contractors directly.

Budget Review
With pricing in hand, we will meet to review budgets and design and make necessary adjustments to move forward. With full approval of budgets and selections, we will begin to place orders and assess delivery times. All items that have been approved for purchase will be ordered. Deliveries are accepted on your behalf and stored until construction is complete and all items are ready for installation.

Construction Kick-Off
Construction begins after the contractors are awarded the job. We will begin to answer requests for information and review shop drawings before the contractor even begins construction. During the Construction Phase, we will work closely with the contractors to address and resolve field conditions quickly. We are responsible for issuing professional sketches as required to clarify our Construction Documents or field conditions. Once construction begins, we will meet on-site with the contractors as-needed for the duration of the work, concluding in a final walk through identifying deficiencies.


Installation + Close-Out

Once construction is complete, we will begin putting your space together. The installation day will be coordinated once all purchases have been received. Install and styling will prepare the space for the final reveal. Thereafter, we will review all installed purchases for deficiencies.

We made it to the finish line and will meet for a final time to close out invoices, schedule a good time for a photo shoot of the space and make some time for us to celebrate the complete space with you!



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