I'm Chelsea; a creative inspired by the people + places of the world. 
You can currently find me strolling the streets of Washington, DC, camera in hand. 
I spend my days designing as an architecture professional and photographing the world around me.

My creative appreciation lies somewhere in between the beauty of the built environmentand the vibrancy of personalities who occupy it. When I'm not capturing people + places on film, I'm solving their problems by hand.

Professionally, I am a DC registered designer and NCIDQ certified. I also hold a master of fine arts degree in architecture + design and focus on commercial workplace design full-time at a DC based architecture firm. With an undergraduate degree in arts management + graphic design, I previously worked in the non-profit arts sector doing professional photography, graphic and web design. Ultimately my design skills encompass both 2-D visual communication and 3-D spacial solutions.

My day-to-day creative outlet happens over at PLACES studio where I push the idea of PLACE making by digging deep into the concept of design as it affects the PLACES that surround us.
Keeping the stories of people alive will always be my true passion. In 2013, it manifested itself into a passion project called Give Memories that unites photographers and gives photos to families in need.

This is where you can find a body of work that represents my design journey so far. Take a look around, I'm happy to have you.

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