Hi there!

I'm Chelsea, a multi-passionate creative searching for intention and meaning in life and work. I'm currently following my heart one day at a time.

In the past ten years, I went from running a photography business at 18 to a freelance graphic designer to going to design grad student to leading multiple large-scale interior design projects.

I've learned what it means to create from passion, to create on demand and to create for a living. More importantly, I've learned what truly matters to me and what does not; what skills align with my work style and personality; what lifestyle brings me joy and what weakens me. I’ve also learned that fear has many voices, how to walk through the feeling of unknown, how to create a path for myself and how to pick myself up with grace after a fall.

I'm on a new journey now, one of intention. I'm going back to photography, an old passion of mine, and I'm looking to help my fellow creative souls as I start off as an amateur creator again just with a little more wisdom this time around.

Creative living is an emotional rollercoaster full of doubts and struggles. It takes work, persistence and patience but once you strengthen your core beliefs - it becomes the most fulfilling way to live. I hope to give some perspective, support and inspiration if you're on a creative journey yourself.

Here you'll find support on creative living as I follow my own passion for photography.

with love,