Getting married?

I'm so glad you're here! Hope to get to know you soon over some coffee. Even if we have to sit virtually across from each other and enjoy it that way.

Until then, I'd love to share some things about me. Although, in person I would have probably already bombarded you with questions about your life and your love story by now because .... you're engaged!! My heart is so full for you knowing exactly how that uncontrollable excitement feels.

I'm Chels; I'm following this passion of mine to capture the authentic moments of life. It’s hard to describe how deeply photography moves me, to know that we can freeze moments and relive the year after year, generation after generation. When all is said and done, the memory and the wedding photos will always bring you back to this first day in your story together.

Speaking of this day, I wholeheartedly believe our wedding is a time to express your style, personality and beliefs as a couple. The decisions you make for your day start to tell your love story to your friends and family. For that reason, my approach is intended to document in a journalistic way, capturing the day as it happens and telling your story along the way. Wedding photographs are treasures and I believe in capturing these intimate celebrations in their truest form, moment to moment. My approach is to tell a story of your day with the beautiful in betweens and emotions we can't pose for.

I’ll leave you with these few things about myself; I’m a big idea, creative type. I always know how to fix something and I follow intuition more than plans. I overthink things but am great to have deep conversations with. Coffee is my drink of choice and being from Panama, it represents family and tradition for me. I’m energized by culture, cities, old meets new architecture and design which is why I love to travel. I also grew up moving often throughout the US and Europe and my home country of Panama. If you asked me what I value most, I’d quickly say life for me is about people, culture, relationships, living creatively, and having endless compassion for all people.

I'm currently booking elopements and intimate weddings. My work best fits elopements and weddings around 100 guests or less but am always open to discussing your plans if you feel we might be a perfect fit!

with love,

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