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On Saturated Markets

There are so many other people already doing what I want to do.

This is such a paralyzing thought that we've all had when preparing to take on a creative idea. The truth is that you are right. There are many people already doing what you want to do. But that is an amazing thing! That means that there is room in the world for what you want to do. It means people appreciate it and are supporting it. It means that you can do that thing and you have a good chance of succeeding.

Secondly, there are many people doing your thing but do you know how many more people are not doing that thing? Billions. There are so many people in the world and the world needs more of your kind. Try to put that ratio into perspective and you won't feel like you are just another, you will instead feel like there are not enough.

There may be many people doing what you want to do but not one of them is you. We are all so uniquely crafted, no two people or their work will ever be the same. Your work will resonate with different people who connect with different parts of who you are and likewise will your competitors. Once you fully believe that no one will ever create the way that you do, you'll quickly realize there is no competition in being your unique self.

Let me know in the comments below what is that thing that you've been wanting to do but the fear of being one in a million is holding you back. Also tell me how you think your uniqueness could help you stand out in the crowd. Lastly, what is one thing you could do today or this week to get you one step closer to moving forward with your dream?

with love,

On Distinguishing Between Your Heart and Fear