Daily DC 01

My typical week involves working full time at a DC based architecture firm and trying to maintain a bit of work-life balance by going on daily adventures to discover more within Washington, DC. This is my daily practice of small travel which keeps me excited, inspired and constantly seeking to find more PLACES. If you don't know a lot about DC, the first thing I like to tell people is that it may be our nation's Capitol but there is SO much more than meets the eye in this city and I hope to introduce you to them in this Daily DC series.
Here are some PLACES I've enjoyed recently:

PLACES: Apple Orchard in Virginia

Fall is a beautiful time of year especially at the beginning when days are sunny and the air is just starting to cool. Even a few spontaneously warm days sneak in making it a wonderful season. When my best friend came to visit from Florida, we made it a point to do something simple that took in all fall had to offer.

Practicing Small Travel

I believe in something I like to call 'small travel.' Small travel helps satisfy the travel bug and opens your daily life to change. Here are a few ways and tips for practicing small travel at different distances from your location.