PLACES studio was created to help small businesses thrive in the built environment through interior architecture and design. The concept of place-making in one of multi-facets where all senses are considered. A PLACE is one that is more than a location, more than walls; it's unique and understands and inspires and is built purposefully for its occupants.

Much like a brand is more than a logo, a PLACE is more than the spacial design. Our ultimate goal is to create unique PLACES that tell your company’s story, heighten in-person experience, and create community.  


Hello! I’m Chelsea Albright, the principal designer behind PLACES studio. I’ve always been a creative soul but my journey in design began when I studied studio art and graphic design in college and started my first business as a photographer at age 20. My experiences sparked a multidimensional passion for how design is applied to real world problems and I couldn’t get enough.

Washington, DC became home when I decided to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture + Design. Since then, I’ve grown tremendously as a designer leading commercial interior design projects ranging from 2,500 square feet boutique bars to 25,000 square feet office headquarters.

After realizing I had a knack for intersecting graphic identity with interior design, my entrepreneurial roots kicked in and PLACES studio was born. My passion for public spaces, small businesses and city economies has also driven my vision for helping businesses design PLACES that build local experiences.

As for credentials, I’m a nationally recognized NCIDQ certified Interior Designer ready to take on projects worldwide.



Let’s hear about your next project!